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Sell Your Home Fast 

with Your Real Estate Friend

Tried-and-Proven Marketing Strategy

Be safe as our marketing strategy is proven success - backed by numerous years of experienced digital marketers and a high efficient team of realtors who can accurately pinpoint the selling point of your home.


Sell Your Home With A Peace Of Mind

Sell with peace of mind as we aim to build a long-term connection and friendship with you - not touch and go - so you'll be sure that your interest is our first priority


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Tell me, is this you?


"I'm not sure if it's the right time. I need a professional's advice"


"I'm looking for someone trustworthy to manage my property portfolio."


"I'm looking for someone to sell my home fast at a reasonably good price."

Benjamin Cheong Appointment

Imagine if....

• You managed to upgrade to a home you desire at a comfort level

• Your property is sold at the price you deserve

• You are able to grow your wealth through property investment

You must be wondering

How do we help you to achieve all that?

Professional Digital Home Tour

We provide complimentary digital home tours as a rule of thumb to maximise the exposure and outreach of your property on digital platforms.

Immerse in the Metaverse

As Covid-19 affects our daily life, we shortlist only the highly potential ones for physical viewings with our virtual tour. This will help protect you and your family.

Professional Photography

We take professional photography and upload them unto optimised platforms. Professional-looking photos attract more viewers!

Photo 9-9-21, 11 48 22 AM

Photo 9-9-21, 11 48 22 AM

Kitchen Dining

Kitchen Dining

Benjamin Cheong 122 Bukit Batok Central-72

Benjamin Cheong 122 Bukit Batok Central-72

McNair 7

McNair 7

Photo 9-9-21, 11 33 12 AM

Photo 9-9-21, 11 33 12 AM

McNair 1

McNair 1

Photo 9-9-21, 12 03 02 PM

Photo 9-9-21, 12 03 02 PM

Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking

Our team of in-house experienced digital marketers and growth hackers will ensure your property reaches the right people - as we understand marketing is not just solely a number game, but also a targeting game.

Digital Marketing

and of course, we know which platforms will be the most effective to reach out to most potential buyers

Benjamin Display Picture June copy.jpg

Benjamin Cheong

Your Real Estate Friend

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Here's who I am & what I do

I believe in making a positive impact to the community like what the Rockefeller did for their society. With that in mind, the interests of my clients always come first.

My end goal is to be a developer who is able to provide self-sustainable and affordable housings to all who needs it worldwide, including animal shelters.

What They Say

What They Say

Ida Review.jpg

Ms Ida B.

(Personal Assistant to Chief Executive)


Mr Tee

(Senior Investment Associate)


Pin B.

(Founder-in-Residence, Entrepreneur)


Mr Zhou

(Service in F&B Industry)


Nad S.A.

(International School Teacher)


Noor H.



Craig L.

(International School Teacher)

Trisha Testimonial.jpg

Trisha E.

(Senior Manager of Communications)

Mr Chia Testimonial.jpg

Mr Chia

(Managing Director of Renovation Contractor Company)

Is this for you?

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

You are not serious and is not willing to keep an open mind.

You are busy with work and need someone you can trust to sell your home fast, manage your property portfolio, or you are not sure if this is the right time and need professional advice.

Not Selling?

Looking to invest in more properties?

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